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A Partnership with Lost in Space Jewelry

Horsehead Elephant Trunks Nebula Necklace

Horsehead Elephant Trunks Nebula Necklace by LostInSpaceJewelry

In July 2014, two creative, interstellar minds came together with the spirit of the Universe as their common passion.  The talented jewelry extraordinaire, LostInSpaceJewely, discovered me on Twitter as I started posted my images of deep space on the social media giant.  One of my astrophotography image tweets recently caught her attention and a fun new friendship emerged.  Melissa, a jewelry designer who creates unique pieces out of space images, reached out to me to see about using some of my images in her jewelry designs.

How did LostInSpaceJewerly come to be?  Like the Big Bang, it seemed to happen pretty quickly.  Melissa is a jewelry designer, who one night during a bout with insomnia, envisioned a necklace design in her head using the Earth and the Moon.  The next day, she turned her vision into a reality and her obsession with all things cosmic was born!  To her, space is the universal language of awe.  As it turns out, not only are Melissa and I both passionate about what we do, we are also neighbors living in the same county.  Melissa used of my images – The Horsehead Nebula and the Elephant’s Trunk Nebula –  to create a beautiful, reversible jewelry.

It was a pretty amazing amazing story of two people sharing the same passion finding themselves through Twitter.  We started tweeting each other and sharing more of our creative arts and it became apparent that we should be working together...

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