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M94: First Light with the Celestron C9.25

M94 Spiral Galaxy in LRGB

I just bought a new (to me) Celestron C9.25 SCT and finally got all of the parts to get the sucker image ready. This is my first venture into imaging with a larger focal length and a different type of telescope. My only issue at the moment is that this OTA with all of the goodies attached to it maxes out the weight capacity of my CG-5 mount. The telescope was out of balance too and I did not have an extra counterweight. So, on the way home from work, I thought of a good use for my wife’s 2.5 lb ankle weights…I bet you probably know where this is going. I went to the garage, grabbed some bungee cord and wrapped the ankle weights around the counterweight bar and balanced my telescope. I wanted to see how bad (or good) the guiding could be when the CG-5 mount was maxed out. To my surprise, it wasn’t terrible (not good either) so I ran 3 minute subs on M94 to see what the result looked like. The stars are not perfectly round and the focus could have been better but it was a fun test and maiden voyage of the C9.25. I also forgot to enter the new details of the OTA in the Astrotortilla program so I could not center the object either but that did not stop me. Here are the details:

C9.25 @ 1481mm f/6.3
ST-10XME w/ Astrodon Gen 2 LRGB
Guided with the SSAG

L: 10 x 3 mins
R: 6 x 3 mins
G: 6 x 3 mins
B: 6 x 3 mins

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