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A Stargazer is Born

How The Universe Works

How The Universe Works

The universe has always fascinated me and one night I was surfing around on Netflix and came across the documentary section.  I stumbled across the How the Universe Works series from the Discovery Channel and after watching the ‘Big Bangs’ episode, I was hooked!  I must have watched the episode 5 times before moving on to the other episodes.  After finishing the series, I moved on to History Channel’s ‘The Universe’ and am currently addicted to that show as well.

First photo taken of the moon on 4/7/2012

After learning about the planets, nebulae, galaxies, and the myriad of interstellar objects in space, I started stargazing.  I would often sit under the stars and think about how mind bogglingly huge the Universe is, which made me feel infinitely small.  I don’t know what possessed me to start photographing the stars and the moon with my DSLR but I found myself sitting outside with my camera and the Universe as my backdrop.  I came across a website called, EarthSky, which helped me figure out what I was looking at when I was stargazing.  The site also gave me ideas as to what to capture with my camera.  I visit that site daily as it has fantastic information on what stars or planets will be visible to the unaided eye.  With the help of the SkyView app, I quickly learned to navigate the night sky with my new found passion...

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